Finalising Poster

Finalising my poster, I added all the meteor vector graphics in place of where the meteor impacts happened, and depending on how many were in an area depended on how big I made each vector graphic. I also added some purely for aesthetic with a trail behind them to make the poster in whole a little more interesting.

screenshot 8

I am fairly happy with the design, I think I did a good job with the vector graphics , I think the meteors look good and fit well in the design of the whole poster.


Poster Progress

Creating the vector graphics for my poster took a long time as I had quite a task creating the world map as there are lots of bumps and angles that I needed create using only the pen tool.

Screenshot 6

As well as the vector graphic for the map I also needed something to represent where the meteors had impacted that also worked as a way to tell the audience that it was a meteor that had impacted. I created a meteor vector graphic to represent this, which I will duplicate and resize depending on the amount of meteor impacts.

screenshot 7

Poster Drafts

I decided on a very simplified version of the design I wanted for the poster, a map of the globe with different amounts of dots depending on how many meteor impacts there were.

Screenshot 4

After adding in some of the dots I could see that they would have to be different sizes and colours to represent how big the meter impacts were and how and how many impacts there were in the different countries.

Screenshot 5

Communication Design A2 Poster Project

For this project we have to design an A2 poster on a certain subject to visually communicate its idea and a set of data relating to it. The idea needs to be communicated to the audience with very few to no words on it, purely visually. I like this task as it gets us to try to convey a message without using any words and encourages a very design and artistic based assignment. We were given a few subjects to choose from and I chose the subject ‘How many documented meteor impacts have there been?’ as I had a few good ideas that I could do.

screenshot 1

I went to to find the data I needed for the poster and through that found a world map with recorded meteor impacts that I would use to help design my poster.

screenshot 2