Task 2 – Temporal Expressions

Examples of Exposure In Photographs

Exposure can effect the outcome of a photograph greatly, there can be long exposure photographs and short exposure photographs and these both give greatly different effects on the photograph.


Above are two beautiful examples of Long Exposure Photography, which is created when the shutter speed is set to a longer duration, allowing the static aspects of the image to be captured very sharply whilst the moving aspects of the image become smudged or blurred, this effect works especially well with lights as it shows the trail of the light, which can be seen especially well in the two photos above.


Above are three amazing examples of Short Exposure Photography, this is created when the shutter speed is set to a much shorter duration, allowing aspects  of a photo that would usually turn out looking blurry or smudged to become a freeze-frame of the action perfectly static. This effect can be seen best with things that happen very fast, for example a bolt of lightning or a bubble half way through popping or the dirt being kicked up by a rally car as can be seen with the pictures above.

My Time and Relativity Photos

Our task was to capture photos using Long Exposure Photography and Short Exposure Photography. Below are the examples of the long exposure photographs that I took.

Long Exposure People Walking  Long Exposure Hallam

I went into town to take the photographs on the streets as I thought that I would be able to get some good shots of people walking on the streets and others like cars and bicycles going past. I think that the photos that I got were ok, they look decent but there isn’t as much blur and smudge as I would have wanted in the picture of people walking on the street. This is because I was not certain about the optimal shutter speed and aperture settings to get the correct amount of lighting for the photos, I managed to get some good shots in the end more so by trial and error and messing around with the f stop with the shutter speed to get well lit photos. To improve next time I would take a lot more photos so I would have a much wider selection to work with.

Below are the examples of the short exposure photographs that I took.

Seagull Short Exposure 2 Splash Short Exposure Seagull Short Exposure

I decided to go to the beach for the short exposure photos as I liked the idea of trying to capture some shots of water as I knew that was a good thing to take pictures of for short exposure photos. I had gone down with my friends so I asked them to throw some stones into the water and I captured the splash as they landed. I also got some photos of seagulls flying as in normal photographs they would mostly be blurred out and I got some nice freeze-frames of them flying. The main problems that I had with taking the short exposure photographs was actually getting the timing right for the photos; as what was happening was happening so fast that it was difficult to take the shots quickly enough. The lighting and aperture settings were and issue for these too. After a few photos I managed to get the aperture to a good level and after repeating throwing the stones and taking multiple pictures of seagulls flying past I managed to figure out the timing to take the photos and I am very happy with some of the shots that I got.