Uploading to Dakar

Uploading my work to dakar was a problem as i had a lot of issues using FileZilla and even after half an hour of trying different things with it, it was not showing up when I logged into my dakar account, the FileZilla client wasnt copying my files across properly. Due to this I had to store my files on Dropbox and get a link to send so that they could be viewed.



Final HTML page with CSS

screenshot 8

I am quite happy with the finished thing, it is very simple but it shows off multiple CSS elements and in a more interactive way for the person viewing the website. The HTML coding was also quite well set out and I made sure to keep it neat so it was easy to edit as I went and if made any mistakes it wasn’t too difficult for me to spot them and correct them.

Creating a HTML page with simple CSS

Creating the HTML page was a little tricky as I am not that great at coding, I used the previous lessons on codecademy to help me create it. I decided to go with a page that explained the different thing you could do with CSS to change a HTML page while simultaneously showing them for each section referencing it. For instance the section describing how you can change the background colour on elements I changed the background colour on in.

screenshot 6 screenshot 7

Display and Bootstrap Tutorials

The next tutorials for creating a website were the Display and bootstrap tutorials. The display tutorial showed me about display and placement of the different aspects of the site, using the display, position and float classes to move around and position the titles and paragraphs. The bootstrap tutorial taught me a lot that I didn’t already know, especially using the rows to help organise the page. It is a really helpful framework to help improve sites, with lots of different classes you can add to change the design and functionality of your website.

Screenshot 3screenshot 5

CSS Tutorial

The CSS tutorial introduced me to CSS elements and how they could be used to change and influence all of the different HTML classes, for instance I could change everything included the in the ‘nav’ class div with .nav in the CSS file. Once in the CSS file I can change element like font size, colour and padding around the different aspects. As well as changing the colours and font I also changed the background to an image, which is one of the things I will be using when I create my own simple HTML page and use CSS to give it colour and change all the layout.

screenshot 2

HTML and CSS Codecademy Tutorials

I started my assignment with the HTML and CSS tutorial on codecademy.com, the first section was to write the HTML sections of the code which create the building blocks of a web page. It was essentially a refresher lesson for me as I remembered a lot of the things it went over like <div> tags, headings <h></h>, paragraph<p> tags and general tags for setting up the page.
Screenshot 1

This will help me to create my own simple HTML page, also using CSS to make it look a lot more aesthetically pleasing and more complex than just a base HTML page that only includes basic text.

Group Meeting

Today I met up with the rest of my group for a group meeting. In the meeting we brainstormed the different ideas that we could use for our social interactive website and what we could include in these possible different websites. The better ideas that we had were a site that was aimed at students that you could use to compare all the different clubs and pubs around your area and see all the different drink prices and stuff like opening and closing times. We also had an idea for a site that you could find similar songs to songs that you have entered that you like and songs of the same genre as song that you like that are in that genre, so essentially a related / similar songs search engine almost.