Development and Realisation Retake – First Workshop

In the first workshop we went over the briefs for the project, which was to create a design poster showing a certain subject using little to no words at all. I decided to choose the one based on music; What type/genre of music is the most popular? I decided to focus on 5 major genres over the course of the 20th century and how their popularity changed over the time period as I thought that this would look good on a poster as I could present it in a creative timeline style.

Page 1 Scan

I began to brainstorm ideas for the poster and how to represent the 5 genres over the time period. My first idea was to have a different type of sound wave for each different genre reflective of the type of music it is.  To add on to this I thought an icon at the start of the timeline for each genre would make it easier for people to see which wavelength was for each genre instead of solely representing the genre with the wavelength. A further development was to have the genres split off into sub-genres as they became more popular through the years.



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