Task 1 – Alphabet Photography

Examples of Alphabet Photography

The brief suggested that we look at other examples of alphabet photography to help with inspiration for our own photos and so that we could see what kind of things we would need to be taking pictures of.

Alphabet Photography Example

The site that was included on the brief was (http://www.alphabetphotography.co.uk/) which has a range of photos for each letter of the alphabet. I typed in ‘Alphabet’ to see what kind of pictures would come up to help me with inspiration for my own photos.

Our Alphabet Photography

For our first project we were tasked with creating an A – Z alphabet using 26 pictures of ‘naturally occurring shapes’ to create each of the individual letters. As this was our first task we did not need to use certain cameras like DSLRs so instead we went into town with an iPad to take all the different pictures on. We were allowed to work in groups for this task so me and Hallam decided to work together. The brief also stated that it would be good if we had a recurring theme for all of our different letters of the alphabet so we decided to try to stick to a ‘Construction’ theme. Below are the results of this


I am happy with the outcome of the alphabet as I think we managed to find most of the letters with minimal trouble, with exception to letters such as K, P, Q and R which had a mixture of curves and lines that were fairly difficult to find out on the streets in town. I also think that we managed to stick to the theme of ‘Construction’ well as all of the pictures are construction based.



Another thing I decided to do was to try to create my name with the letters to see how it looked. I think that it works really well for my name as a lot of the pictures we got for the letters, like the C, D, J, K and O all are quite different colours and shapes so it makes it look unique and quite interesting.

Overall I think that me and Hallam worked very well together and managed to get a lot of different and interesting pictures for our alphabet and managed to stick to our theme well. Furthermore I think that when combined all together to show all 26 letters and when set out to spell my name it looked really good.


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